The After Effects of “The True Cost”


On September the 19th AIRR Clothing and The Northern Light Cinema showed the film The True Cost. It was a great evening and the drinks and nibbles tasted fantastic. We showed the AIRR autumn clothing video beforehand which you can view here:

And afterwards There was a lot of discution, in fact there has been since. Personally I was most affected by the Leather working regions of India featured, and the effects on the children around cotton fields from the pesticides and chemicals used.

Most people were shocked by the environmental affects of our faster fashion world. Shocked how many clothes go to landfill even from charity shops, and the chemical dyes and processes used to make the fabrics being released, untreated back into clean water supplies that people drink, and fish from rivers affected etc.

The Fashion Industry is the 2nd biggest polluting Industry after oil. And this fact alone does not seem to be recognised by society at large. Practically all of out audience at The True Cost Screening were shocked by this fact and the landfill statistics associated at the other end of production.



Buying organic doesn’t only affect the soil, farmers, children, the industry, our own skin and health, it affects so so many peoples lives. Just buying organic fibres there for makes a huge difference. As Margaret Mead said:


If you have been affected by issues raised in The True Cost or would like to see it, find out more here

and you can sign this pettion for factory workers in Bangladesh here:


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