NEW Brand Profile; Maison Scotch



This week is an exciting week! We are very happy at AIRR to finally have the lovely Maison Scotch available in store, and online very soon!

Reasons why we love Scotch and Soda as they’re otherwise known, are…

  • Details, they very often have small tailoring or pattern details that just set something apart- give an item of clothing something a bit more interesting or different. Its the little touches that count!
  • Sizing, we love the fit, things fit comfortable and are true to size, so no going up or down a size to get it to fit.
  • Trousers! The trousers are comfortable, fit well and come with those details mentioned above as well as stretchability and very very very nice colours to choose from. Its unusual to get a brand that does such nice, well fitting, all around trousers and jeans and chino’s.
  • An extra jewellery item. Every piece of clothing comes with a specially designed piece of jewellery to accompany it.
  • Some pieces of clothing are layered and come apart so a vest top will be sold inside a long sleeved shirt so that you don’t have to worry about matching up, what to put with what etc, and you get 2 items of clothing in one!
  • Prints and patters, & colour, we love the travel inspired prints and patterns on the clothing from around the world. Perfect for introducing some extra style.
  • Fabrics, soft chiffons, jerseys and  stretchy comfortable cotton weaves slouch in just the right way and fit in just the right way.
  • Quality and style come in equal measure, neither are compromised for the other.

Maison Scotch, are based in Amsterdam and although they are not fair trade accredited, they do have clear socially responsible policies as detailed below. Scotch & Soda’s mission is for people to love their clothes and their products, which are rich in detail, high quality, affordable and take inspiration from around the world. Tribal, & culturally different styles find there way into the detail of their clothing so its both bohemian and stylish. Taking inspiration from travel and world styles goes a bit further though, in paying attention to influences from different corners of the world, they also take responsibility for their manufacturing and where it comes from.

Miason Scotch

“Scotch & Soda has been around since the ‘80s, but the Amsterdam-based fashion brand as we know it today originates in a brave new start in 2001, when three new owners joined forces….At Scotch & Soda we design our garments with great love and eye for detail. That same love and attention can also be found in the way we produce our clothing. One of our top priorities is to run the business with great sensitivity to the world around us. We take on the challenge of making fashion more sustainable and improving working conditions in the fashion industry. We strive to offer fair, social, healthy and safe conditions for workers in our supply chain. Therefore we have developed a CSR policy with a clear focus on the working conditions in our Cut-Make-Trim (CMT) factories, where our garments are manufactured. This is the most labour-intensive part of our supply chain.

See also The BSCI is a business driven initiative for companies committed to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. It unites more than 1000 companies worldwide around one common Code of Conduct and supports them with a step-by-step development oriented system.”

Here is a selection of my own favourites from this season, they will be available on our web site very soon ( but If you just can’t wait, give us a ring on 01629 820810!

Vintage Print Top £75


Best fit Jeans £87.00
Best fit Jeans £87.00


Long sleeved Granddad Top (2 in one) £67.00
Woven Lace Jersey Dress £77.00
Woven Lace Jersey Dress £77.00

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