Ethical Fashion, Business and Relationships


At AIRR we have the best staff ever, in the whole world, bar none, we are the best! Well, am I a little bias? There are so many reasons why though – ethical doesn’t just stop at the clothing manufacture, it carries on into the buying and selling and relationships with the companies we deal with and our customers. We practice kindness and consideration in all of these areas and most important to us is Fairness. We strive to be fair everyday and If we have gone wrong we will go back and set things straight. We work in a business in a small fair trade town and we do our best for our community, the people we serve, each other and our team.

Last week a lady came into the shop and Zoe picked out a dress for her to go to a wedding in, she was unsure about it but we said we thought it looked fantastic, and it really did. The lady went home and said she would ask her husband and his reaction was as positive as ours. She got over an insecurity about her thighs, something us women suffer from, from all different parts of our bodies, and rang us up to say how happy she was. Zoe cried on the phone because she was so happy to have helped.

These little things make a big difference and working in a shop that is not flood lit like a market hall, women feel comfortable and relaxed trying on and build relationships with us. There is more benefits to fairtrade fashion than the surface beauty of the products; We all feel good about the support we give as well as supporting sustainable, environmentally friendly fashion and good working conditions. We all have a positive impact. How many people can go to work and say that?

So, who are our team?




Zoe, is the warmest most open hearted girl I think I may have ever met. Zoe has no filtering system she says exactly what she thinks so you can be sure to get a very trusted opinion when trying on. She is brilliant at matching and pairing and putting together outfits so if you have a dress for a wedding or a top and you need the rest of the outfit to go with it, bring it to the shop and Zoe will pick something that shows you and the clothing you already have to its best.






Jenny 2


Jen, has worked for Cath Kidston amongst other and studied fashion in London and worked in industry so knows all about it and can sew up any repairs or adjustments you need! She had many years being ill and under investigation before discovering that it was an allergic reaction to chemicals you find in cleaning products and some clothing. She loves working here because we are totally chemical and pesticide free both in our cleaning products and our organic clothes. Jen is also brilliant at prints, colours and textile combinations!








Ayesha, is the ‘General boss Lady’ as she was christened at a party at some years ago, although alcohol has dilapidated when this was! She is an ethical business entrepreneur and is also a new mummy to the cutest mini Ayesha! Baby Alivia was born only in June 2015 so is very new to the AIRR team! Ayesha’s passion for ethical fashion is hard to match and she is constantly working towards a more sustainable fashion industry as well as keeping all of us in check!





We have to say goodbye to Jo for a little while as she’s off to have another baby but will be back to sort us out with her amazing admin, organisation, and stock control afterwards! We will miss her (and be a bit messier) and her beautiful face while she has gone but wish her all our luck and love! x








Me, (Livvy) is probably the most disorganised member of the AIRR team but manage to muddle through because of my photoshop/Mac/image skills (thank goodness I can do that!) I am an artist the rest of the time and (incidentally as well as all other staff) a mum!







If you would like to read more about our team have a look here :

If you think you would like to join our team have a look here:


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