Detox Your Wardrobe as well as Yourself.

Detox is usually a January word! In spring when we have just gorged ourselves all winter, health companies and communities gear up for detox.

Before I worked at AIRR Clothing I was a yoga teacher and I had more students, more profit, more interaction and much more fun in Spring than at any other time in the year. After that that proffit just covered the rest of the year and those numbers dropped to a core few that wanted to continue practicing untill they where joined again for the spring swell.

I have a proposal though! You guessed it, lets not just make it a spring thing! Lets make it an all year round thing that extends beyond our bodies and our food or exercise routine, to our clothes as well.

Toxins come from all different sorts of places, and luckily, parties and eating lots and drinking lots extends into other times of the year too! Summer barbecues usually involve eating quite a lot of different kinds of meat which isn’t great for anybody’s systems. Beer festivals are a lot of fun too but can leave us feeling depleted afterwards. Festivals and summer parties are all things that can accumulate over a few weekends and can make us feel tired, run down and in need of a detox.

The thing that often puts me of detoxing is having to buy different foods, plan meals that I don’t usually eat etc, but it doesn’t have to be like that, there are lots of easy healthy things that you can introduce and Pesto is a really easy and lovely one. Here is Ella showing you how to make some with basil and Pine Nuts but you can use any nut and any herbs, a mixture is really nice.


So, now onto clothes. How are your clothes toxic. Greenpeace did a study that proved that the chemicals from clothing dye and dye fixing are still found in many hight street brands clothing after washing and when being worn by the customer. Obviously our skin is a semi permeable membrane and we can absorb these chemicals. People with sensitive skin are often shopping in AIRR because of the organic materials and saying that their skin is healthier for it.

As well as the Toxic affect on our body the Environment is badly affected also. But with People Power this is at last, starting to change. This video by Greenpeace is fantastic and well worth a 2 minute watch.

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  1. ecologicprincess

    Hi! Cool post! Sad truly! I’m working also on a post to denounce the toxic in fashion industry. We speak a lot about food but not enough about clothes, people have to know! THANK you for sharing.


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