Summer Edit; Festivals, & Party Dressing

We have everything you need for summer festival time. Dress head to toe in ethical fashion throughout the year and say no to “throw away” clothing.

Festivals are usually where you can buy things that are a bit different, things that are a bit more artfully made and perhaps have more bohemian and Indian styles. However do they have the credentials that usually go with people thinking a bit more this way? Who made them? Where? How? Actually things being marketed as artisan and alternative can sometimes be being made in a very sweat shop, unethical way. They may not be manufactured by high street brands but that unfortunately doesn’t mean they are fairly traded either.


Festival Bannrt


The other thing about ‘quick festival fashion’ can be that its a throw away, one festivals wear type of garment or accessory which in itself is not such a great thing. Throw away fashion and waste is something we are totally against at AIRR, we operate a ‘buy less choose well’ policy so that there may be things you wear to one festival, really love and can wear to another and enjoy it just as much again. As well as this you won’t look like everyone else at the festival.

Just because its at a festival doesn’t mean it didn’t impact on fashion industry waste and that is something ALL our brands are concerned about and working towards fixing. This video on the textile industry explains how, as the textile industry continues to grow, this is having more and more effect. But equally, choosing organic and fair trade clothing it means you have a measurable impact, an impact that should not be underrates or undervalued.

So go to your festival, party or occasion guilt free and show others how its done!


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