Holiday Edit; Ethical Summer Essentials

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we have selected some of our top holiday essentials. When packing for holidays, there is always so much to think about – when will I wear it, what with, how many occasions could it cover and how much can I fit in the suitcase?!

Here we have selected items which are perfect for mix and matching from beach to bar or strolling around ancient towns in the daytime and onto dinner in the evening.

Our ethical brands this season have created an abundance of options to choose from for this season, from easy to wear organic cotton pieces from Beaumont Organic, People Tree and Komodo as well as some strong splashes of colour and prints to update your classic basics and not forgetting gorgeous accessories from TOMS, Gandys, Matt & Nat and A Beautiful Story  – great for light packing and updating a simple holiday look for day or night.

Check out our top holiday packing tips below and our website or store for our Summer collections from all our ethical brands.

Going Somewhere? Ethical Holiday Essentials
Going Somewhere? Ethical Holiday Essentials

1. Pack light items that are great for layering – Think organic cotton basics, light dresses, cardigans and scarves that can be layered for when the evenings get cooler (and for air conditioned planes!) And, take up less space whilst giving you the lots of mix and matching outfit options,

2. Accessories – Accessories are great for their ability to transform a look from “day-to-night.” Bright beaded jewellery, splashes of colourful bags and footwear can instantly update a look from beach to evening. We love our ranges from A Beautiful Story for their beaded jewellery collection and Matt & Nat for a light, durable and colourful vegan bag.

3. Roll not fold – Sure you have heard it all before but we have tried and tested this method many times and rolling items rather than folding really is a space saving miracle AND of course, a crease reducing option too!

4. Lavender scented bags – Ever washed your clothes ready for holiday then hours later once you have arrived and unpacking, there is a distant faint musty smell? Put fresh lavender into a small fabric bag (jewellery pouches are great) and pop in the middle of your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling beautifully fresh on your journey – and also pop in the wardrobe with you clothes on your arrival to keep this beautiful light scent all week long!

5. Loose Clothing – Do not underestimate the importance of loose flowing clothing for hot holiday getaways! Great for throwing on for easy daytime dressing over a bikini and flip flops in the daytime and for dressing up in the evening, loose clothing in hot countries will save you from feeling over hot, flustered and uncomfortable – You don’t want to be conscious of what you are wearing whilst away, it should be comfort and ease that you feel.

6. SOS Bag – Always keep a few essentials in your handbag/hand luggage for those ever worrying “lost luggage” incidents. Think lingerie, light dress/tops that are easy to carry and pack, flip flops and beauty essentials – that way if your bag does take an unexpected diversion, you will still be comfortable for a day a least on your arrival.

7. Beauty Decant – However long your holiday is planned for, you won’t need an entire bottle of new shampoo & conditioner and all those different moisturisers so – travel bottles to the rescue! Decant from your “at home” bottles and pots into smaller travel size to save on space. Make sure you also trim that make-up bag down, simple natural holiday skin is always a winner and will make you feel better without heavy make-up whilst away.

8. Suitcase Staples – Don’t forget your suitcase staples. Sunglasses, hats, sun cream and natural moisturisers are always on our list of staples to keep us safe in the sun. Make sure hats are easy to pack into your suitcase, floppy panama styles are great and make sure sunglasses have polarised lens to protect our precious eyes in the sun.

9. Shoes – Limit shoes to a few essential pairs which you will WEAR! Even though, you might love those cute high stilettos – think about how, when and what you will wear them with. Holiday footwear just requires simplicity. Flip flops, sandals, wedges – perfect for different outfits and occasions throughout the day and night.

10. Planning – Lay out everything you plan to take prior to packing, put outfits together – then whatever you can’t pair together into an outfit, leave out! Holiday packing is all about essentials for easy, stress free outfits – its the last think you want to be spending time on whilst you are away after all!

We hope some of these holiday tips help you with your holiday packing! Check out our ethical essential ranges perfect for summer available online on our website and in our store where our assistants are only too happy to help your with a personal shopping appointment!

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