Easy Ethical Summer Dressing

UK Weather is so unpredictable, and here at AIRR we live in the countryside which means we don’t have that inner city heat bubble which can sometimes make a big difference to how warm you feel. Also the summer transition is a hard one, when our bodies finally leave the warmth of our leggings, trousers or maxi length clothes they can sometimes look like they haven’t seen the sun (which is true) for a very long time!

With the help of some holiday skin moisturiser and the sun finally coming out and being warm enough for us to brave it! Here are some of the things we recommend for the transition, key pieces to last and support a transition to a more ethical wardrobe as well. Out with the chemicals, in with the organic fabrics and fairly made garments!

Komodo-Adam-Tencel-Linen-Shorts_445_551_6GUUO Maybel Jumper A-Beautiful-Story-Nirmala-Chalcedony-Necklace_445_551_6F4SD A-Beautiful-Story-Superwrap-Chalcedony-Necklace-and-Bracelet_500_6F4R4

We love this loose sweater from Beaumont Organic, teamed with Komodo shorts – giving enough smart/casual dress style with some pretty A Beautiful Story jewellery for that summer feeling. Add TOMS sunglasses, pumps and a Matt & Nat bag & you are away, bring on the sun!

Natural Crochet Women's Classics
Natural Crochet Women’s Classics
The Margeaux Grey Crystal
The Margeaux Grey Crystal


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