Wirksworth Carnival Weekend & our Top Festival Pieces

Wirksworth Carnival
Wirksworth Carnival

Wirksworth Carnival has been going a long time! This weekend its time for another, on bank holiday Monday lunchtime the parade will travel through the town centre and head down toward the train station for more celebrations.

Why carnivals and festivals are so important is easy to see in a world where terrible things happen (recently the second Nepal Earthquake hit) as well as everyones own personal struggles so, community spirit and celebration is so important. Sometimes however, in the recent past, festivals seemed like a new thing, ‘festival chic’ has become a fashion genre all of its own, since Kate Moss first started frequenting Glastonbury, and in 2013 Kate Bosworth designed her own festival fashion range for Topshop. Woodstock has become the archetypal festival, the one where new festival chic perhaps originally emanates from and Coachella Festival in California is setting the course for where its going next.

kate glasto_2601007a
Kate Moss – Glastonbury

English weather is always the main problem with festival wear in the UK. The standard pair of wellies and layers are a practical choice, as well as a style one. With this in mind we have put together some guilt free, longer lasting than just one festival, ethically sourced outfits. We have mixed up some sale and new collection pieces to help with festival budgets, as well as using some merino wool and materials that will keep you warm without being bulky. Keeping cool and stylish – whatever the weather & for easy mix and matching with your existing wardrobe after the occasion too!

FullSizeRender (1)
Greys, neutrals and soft mint green will say a big hello to easy summer festival dressing as well as being perfect items throughout the summer for holidays or casual day time dressing

So whether you’re going to your local Carnival, a big festival or just chilling out in a pub garden or a barbecue, these are our favourite items that you can mix and match easily throughout the season – creating easy daytime looks or chic festival attire.

Whilst shopping for summer festival or holiday pieces, don’t succumb to cheap/throw-away fashion – invest in pieces as you would for any other season or occasion, just take care of your garments as you usually would and they will last you season (& year) over & over again!

Black and neutral will give you a chic festival look – just add some natural holiday moisturiser to give a subtle tan and you are away

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