TOMS; Go Without Shoes

We all know about TOMS one for one campaign, you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, someone somewhere else a lot less fortunate gets given a pair of shoes, TOMS believes no child should go without shoes. These shoes get given anywhere there is a need, where poverty or natural disasters strike the hardest and where children’s ability to simply go to school is affected by having no shoes to wear.

Its unthinkable in our UK society nowadays but despite the fact sometimes we feel so far away from people on the other side of the world. TOMS help to close that gap.

As well as their successful shoe campaign, TOMS eyewear has also started, providing glasses for people with sight problems, again, something that is standard in developed countries but not so for people in places without that structure or society.

TOMS; Shoes for Tomorrow
TOMS; Shoes for Tomorrow

So, this season TOMS are ‘stepping it up’ (excuse the pun) and extending this one for one campaign a bit further. For every photo you take of your bare feet, TOMS will give another pair of shoes. Share with the hash tag #WITHOUTSHOES on Instagram from May the 5th– May 21st and you can give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Tag your friends and give them the same challenge. The more you share the more you give.


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