Ethical Basics; The Bread and Butter of a Wardrobe

Thinking of your ethical summer wardrobe yet? Think organic and think 20% DISCOUNT on our summer basics!

Basics are what build a wardrobe, they go underneath, over the top, pull on too bottoms easily and they are the bread and butter of a wardrobe.

However, we know at AIRR that buying the same things on a British high street would cost less than buying the same 4 or 5 items in AIRR clothing or any ethical retailer. We also know that we have been in recession and not everyone has the luxury of buying fair for everything they buy. So, what usually happens is, people have key fairtrade organic items and their basics from somewhere else.

While the few key pieces is one way of doing it, we propose the other, that you get your basics from fairtrade organic clothing and make that the back bone of your wardrobe.

EKO Organic Katie Cross Over Top – White £49.00

There are a few reasons for this, one of the main being the use of toxic chemicals used in dying processes, fixing and washing, as well as before that in the fields, pesticides and anti fungal sprays on crops etc. These chemicals are finding their way into clothing that we buy with a recent study showing that many high street brands contained harmful chemicals and that we are wearing them next to our skin, a semi permeable membrane.

Obviously, this is not good for our health and while it shouldn’t happen, realistically big chain clothing companies work on a fast fashion, quick turnover model, getting rid of these chemicals means a different approach entirely.

Organic Cotton

Everything we stock in AIRR has this slow fashion approach and it doesn’t just benefit your skin (so many people with skin problems report how much better their skin is wearing things from our shop). It benefits farmers and the seed freedom movement. Organic seeds can be re-propagated and farmers can continue to grow strong healthy crops to make fabric from. GM seeds are terminated after one use so farmers have to go back and buy more GM seeds and usually find the price has risen. This is what is affecting the farmer suicides in India and having devastating effects on peoples lives and families.

EKO and People tree make some great basics that are summer staples, a few examples are below. We think the prices of these are great whilst being fairtrade and organic – they don’t break the bank.

EKO Organic Long Vest - Coral £32.00
EKO Organic Long Vest – Coral £32.00
EKO Organic Zen Dress £65.00
EKO Organic Zen Dress £65.00
People Tree Casey Cardigan - White Was £48.00 now £39.00
People Tree Casey Cardigan – White
Was £48.00 now £39.00
People Tree Ruth Top - Navy Was £36.00 Now £29.00
People Tree Ruth Top – Navy
Was £36.00 Now £29.00

If you fancy some luxury organic basic items our Beaumont Organic range is exactly that, luxurious fabric doesn’t quite come close to describing how soft and sumptuous these things are! Here are a few choice Beaumont Items for a basics wardrobe

Beaumont Camelia Sweater £75
Beaumont Organics CIENNA Organic Cotton Sleeveless Maxi Dress £79.00

If you are feeling really stretched we also still have things in our clearance department that fit the bill perfectly. Limited sizes are available but still worth a try for a chemical free wardrobe that supports a healthy lifestyle!

Komodo Shulow Tencel Denim Trousers £35.00
Komodo Shulow Tencel Denim Trousers
EKO Spa Wrap - Petrol £35.00
EKO Spa Wrap – Petrol
EMU Eight Mile Creek Tee, pure soft Merino Wool£22.00
EMU Eight Mile Creek Tee, pure soft Merino Wool£22.00

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