Transparency in the Fashion Industry: Where Our Clothes Come From

The collections available to us from our ethical brands are made in countries dotted around the world however, when the Nepal earthquake struck on the 25th of April 2015 we felt the fear close to home. A lot of our brands are produced in community groups based in Kathmandu, close to the heart of the disaster zone, fortunately; we have heard from our brands that they have no fatalities to report throughout the groups they work with, which to say how many have been effected, is quite remarkable.


However, they are all dealing with the aftermath of this disaster – homes have been destroyed with many still living in make shift shacks. We have included some information at the end of this post with details of the charity we are supporting and ways to get involved and donate but we thought it is a good time to highlight just where in the world our collections are made.


  • Komodo. Komodo has been working with groups in small family run factories based in Nepal since the 80’s when they started and are proud to still be supporting and working with these today, both growing and expanding together side by side.
  • People Tree works with groups based around the world. One of them, Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. KTS employs 2,273 artisans who produce a collection of hand knitted and embroidered cardigans, jumpers, hats, gloves and scarves for People Tree. Artisans are mostly women who work part time for People Tree and can look after their children at the same time.
  • A Beautiful Story Jewellery is made in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal


  • People Tree works with various companies across India such as
    • Agrocel farmers in Southern India sell to Assisi Garments in Gujarat, India.
    • Artisan Hut are based in Bangladesh
    • CAOS “Creative Art of Souls” is an ethical enterprise based in Pondicherry, South India.
    • Creative Handicrafts is a social enterprise working to empower disadvantaged women in the slum communities of Mumbai.
    • Kumudini Welfare Trust is a social business in Bangladesh who make block printed and hand embroidered dresses and tops, reviving traditional skills to make unique contemporary designs.
    • Saidpur Enterprises is a Fair Trade group that started originally to support refugees in Bangladesh.
    • Throughout India the SASHA company is a not-for-profit organization that supports over 100 small-scale groups in India who make a variety of products, from hand screen printed silk garments to stitch at home.
    • Swallows is based in a rural clay-earthed village, Thanapara Swallows, near the Ganges River in north west Bangladesh.
    • And lastly People tree use TARA which stands for Trade, Alternative, Reform and Action. The artisans who work with TARA Projects are in Delhi, India.
  • O My Bag. O My Bag works with suppliers, tanners, and manufacturers within the state of West Bengal, India. They use a few factories such as the Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) Factory located & Sasha Association in Kolkatta, India; As well as Spring Field Factory, STC and Crescent Factory all also in West Bengall.



  • One of People Tree’s social fairtrade business is based in Mombassa, Kenya
  • MADE Jewellery is all revitalising traditional skills, handmade by artisans in Kenya.


  • Gandy’s Flip Flops making process from factory to foot is ethical, efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible. The factories in China are just this, all in line!
  • EMU clothing and shoes come from sheep reared in Geelong Australia, and they are designed there to but some things go to China to be made.
  • Matt and Nat have spent lots of time building personal relationships with each of their factories, regularly visiting each factory and making it a point to build strong bonds with the owners; they too are a part of the Matt & Nat family. We make sure that while we provide you with a quality product, the conditions of the workers developing it are up to par with our standards.are made in an ethical accredited factory in China adhering to the SA8000 standard, which ensures quality work conditions for all.
  • TOMS, are produced in ethical accredited factories in China amongst other factories across the world & their own factory in Haiti.
  • Mudd & Water are made in an ethical accredited factory in China adhering to the SA8000 standard, which ensures quality work conditions for all.
  • Braintree (coming soon) spends lots of time working closely with their factories and visiting them regularly – some which they have worked with for many, many years. They ensure all their products are made in an ethical accredited factory in China adhering to the SA8000 standard, which ensures quality work conditions for all.
  • Maison Scotch (coming soon) are made in an ethical accredited factory in China adhering to the SA8000 standard, which ensures quality work conditions for all.

Haiti factory


  • Sense Organics are based and made in Germany. All garments are produced socially and environmentally friendly – from seed to seam. They know the producers and their manufacturing facilities, partly already for 18 years. All of the commercial partners in production are certified SA8000, Fair Trade and GOTS. Furthermore, Control Union, an independent control institution, regularly checks the conformity of standards.
  • Beaumont Organic are based and made in England and also produce their organic cotton clothing in Porto in Portugal, using small and family run businesses that are guarded by strict EU regulations, enforcing fair wages and safe working environments.
  • Earth Kind Originals (EKO) are made in Izmir on the coast of Turkey in a small factory that they have been working with for four years and feel that they are part of our brand and the EKO journey. We also work closely with the fabric and fibre suppliers so we can track our garments from seed to garment. All workers are over 19 years old, and they all receive a fair, fixed salary for their hard work and work decent hours. EKO visit every season and work with the pattern cutters, sample machinists and QC team and have grown with them since they started.


As well as this our brands KOMODO, BRAINTREE (coming soon) MADE JEWELLERY and all their friends in the fashion industry use the strength of their brands to donate and set an example for their fans to follow.

BRAND AID are channelling funds through The Bulldog Trust in London – a 30 year veteran in Aid distribution who will in turn be passing these funds onto Alison Marston, a fantastic lady who was born and bred in Nepal and has worked for many years with the Red Cross and with her Mum who knows the country, the people and what they need better than anyone we know…

You can follow Alison’s updates on Twitter here :

And on Facebook here :

If you want to make a donation personally or as a company from your business account then you must reclaim gift aid tax in your tax return by quoting “The Bulldog Trust – Reg Charity No. 1123081 | Reg Company No. 06510777” Individual Uk tax payers please check the GiftAid box so the government will match 25% of your donation.

A massive THANK YOU from all the people of Nepal who need you help right now…

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