Brand Preview: TOMS, One for One

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When you make a TOMS purchase, it helps someone, somewhere else in the world in need, One for One. It started in 2006 by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and realised they didn’t have adequate footwear to protect themselves. This is where the company was born, a company that would match each pairs of shoes sold, to give a pair to someone in need. In 2011, the model was expanded and TOMS eyewear was launched – with every purchase, TOMS helps restore sight to a person in need.

TOMS giving in Haiti3
TOMS giving in Haiti

HAITI is just one of these places. According to the World Bank, Haiti is the least developed country in the Western Hemisphere, with over half of its population living under the poverty line. Bill Clinton visited Haiti shortly after the devastating earthquake and asked what he could do to help- the answer he received ‘jobs’. It was unbelievable to think that the foresight existed to create something sustainable.

Over the last year, TOMS was able to work with a manufacturing partner, LXJ Golden Pacific to manufacture shoes in Port-au-Prince. A shoe industry did not exist prior in the city.

So TOMS is not only operating its One for One policy in Haiti, but TOMS is actually creating Jobs an lively hoods here as well.

Haiti factory
TOMS Haiti factory

This fair trade company’s ethics could not be clearer, its such a simple idea and the effect you can have as a consumer is one which is making a huge difference.

TOMS has given more than 35 million pairs of new shoes to children in need and helped restore sight to over 250,000 people. They say, “We are incredibly proud of and humbled by this milestone, and more excited than ever to see how the continual evolution of our Giving can positively impact communities in need around the world.”

TOMS Sight Give in Haiti
TOMS Sight Give in Haiti

So, if you want to get involved with this brilliant Giving movement, come and check out our fabulous selection of TOMS footwear and eyewear available in store or online!

Here are a couple of our favourites below:

Natural Crochet Women's Classics
Natural Crochet Women’s Classics
The Margeaux Grey Crystal
The Margeaux Grey Crystal

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