AIRR Clothing, Fashion Revolution Day Mural

We want to make sure that the fashion industry and everyone connected to it, consumers included, mark this date!

The global fashion industry must clean up its act, Fashion Revolution Day is a call to arms which takes place on 24th April 2015! Our political style graffiti mural celebrates Fashion Revolution, to try and help affect positive change.

Shop Front FR

As you know AIRR is an ethical and sustainable clothing boutique, in Wirksworth, Ayesha Bell, Managing Partner of AIRR Clothing, has a passion for sustainable and ethical fashion and believes that we all have a responsibility to ensure that the catastrophe which happened in 2013 when a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed with the deaths of 1133 workers and leaving 2500 people injured, never happens again.

On the 24 April 2015 people in 69 countries around the world will celebrate Fashion Revolution Day & challenge global fashion brands to demonstrate transparency across the length of the supply chain, from farmers to factory workers, brands to buyers, shop workers and consumers.

“The true cost of fashion can be terrifying; the clothes available on our high streets have often been produced through some form of exploitation, either the environment or workers or both suffer in some way. Fashion Revolution Day is a call to arms in response to the 1133 people who died in the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013. It shocked me after sharing a few conversations with different groups of people, how still two years later, they were not aware of the Rana Plaza disaster, nor Fashion Revolution Day and even unaware of the horrendous complacency within the fashion industry and our high streets” Ayesha Bell.



Fashion Revolution Day marks the second anniversary of the disaster and hopes to raise as much awareness as possible with its #whomademyclothes social media campaign on their Twitter page @Fash_Rev, encouraging fashion lovers to wear their clothes inside out for the day to show where the garments are from.

One in six people work in the global fashion supply chain. It is the most labour dependent industry on the planet. However, people who make our clothes are hidden from us, a symptom of the broken links across the fashion industry. The fashion Industry is also responsible for water table pollution, An estimated 20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used throughout the world to turn raw materials into textiles, many of which will be released into freshwater sources. So, changing the fashion industry really would change the world.


Fashion Revolution Day will show that change is possible and celebrate those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.

We are proud to say that AIRR Clothing is one company on this journey and to celebrate we asked Megan Russell to illustrate the outside of our shop in Wirksworth! Here is her FB page to check out her other work Megan Russell, artist of the impressive mural, explains “the mural focuses on the beginning processes within the fashion industry that the cotton farming industry is growing and striving towards being fair especially since Fashion Revolution Day.”

Fashion Revolution has had a wealth of high profile celebrities supporting the movement, to name a few are Model Lily Cole, Blogger Susie Lau, TV presenter and journalist Anita Rani, and Eco Age Founder Livia Firth, all set to take part in a mass global action asking brands #whomademyclothes?

So what can you do?

  • Take a selfie with the brand label in your clothing showing, via social media, asking ‘who made my clothes?’ #whomademyclothes
  • Retweet or share our beautiful mural pictures across social media and #AIRRclothing as well as #whomademyclothes.
  • Wear your clothes inside out for the day to show where the garments are from
  • Visit the shop to see this impressive artistic statement! AIRR Clothing is located at 2a Market Place, Wirksworth, and is open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm. If you can’t visit in person visit us at


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