Fashion Revolution Day

Fasahion Revolution posters

Fashion Revolution Day is just round the corner, set to take place on the 24th of April. So in view of this we are asking what it’s all about?

Fashion revolution started on the 24th of April when the Rana plaza collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh and 2500 were injured or killed working for familiar fashion brands.

In the wake of this disaster designers, academics, writers, business leaders and parliamentarians started calling for reform of the fashion supply chain.

Fashion Revolution sees the Rana Plaza disaster as a call to arms, and Fashion Revolution Day, to be held annually, will keep the most vulnerable in the supply chain in the public eye, showing the world that change is possible.

Here are a few points about why Fashion Revolution wants change and why we at AIRR agree:

  • Waste is a key issue in our planets now fragile eco system, the way the current fashion business model is structured means there’s a lot of it.
  • We believe that this disaster was not just an unfortunate reality of contemporary life. It does nothave to be at all.
  • We believe the power of beautiful fashions can inspire a change in the industry and reconnect broken links in the supply chain.
  • At the moment of purchase, most of us are unaware of the processes and impacts involved in the creation of a garment. We need to introduce transparency
  • We need to use a positive narrative, to understand that we aren’t just purchasing a garment or accessory, but a whole chain of value and relationships.
  • By asking consumers, designers, brands, and all those who care to ask a simple question “Who Made My Clothes?” we envisage a change in perspective that will lead to a deeper understanding.

So join us on the 24th, wear clothes that are clean on every level, share this post, visit for more information & ask Who Made Your Clothes?

who made your clothes

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