A Treat for Mum this Mothers Day; Sense Organics


New brand to arrive at AIRR soon, Sense Organics, is designed with no fussy ingredients for babies and adults with even the most sensitive skin.

Organic and natural to the core, this product is worry free for the whole family and does the environment ‘a big favour’ as they put it. This is the perfect gift for mothers who are always in a rush, or who have sensitive skin or hands. These two bottles of Hair & Body Wash & Body Lotion can live by the bath or on your bathroom sink so that everyone can moisturise in and out the bath or shower and smell gorgeously vanilla like without much effort or worry about pesticides or nasty’s that usually hide in creams and cosmetics.


Sense Organics are all fairly produced. Kristen Weihe-Keidel founded Sense Organics on substances that are non-toxic, cuddly soft and especially suitable for the sensitive skin of babies, children and adults. Produced in a socially and environmentally friendly way, Sense Organics know their producers and their manufacturing facilities and have done for 18 years.

With every purchase at Sense Organics you yourself contribute a grain of sand, to make our world a bit better. For us and especially: for the small ones. Kind and caring, these products are perfect for Mothers.

Soon to be available at AIRR Clothing, follow us on social media or follow our blog to hear when it arrives in!


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