Brand Profile; Beaumont Organic, ethical fashion available at AIRR Clothing


New Brand, Beaumont Organic have hit the AIRR Clothing shelves, in store and online and we are in love. Simplistic shapes and designs in neutral shades in the most luxurious organic cotton jersey we must have ever touched. So, what is this brand all about, what are its main style features and where did it come from? Here are the facts;

Smaller DSC_2977b

Founded by British designer Hannah Beaumont, a Leeds University Graduate who after working in the fashion Industry in London did not agree with the damaging environmental cost of non organic cotton. Beautmont Organic was born in 2008 with 8 pieces all made from organic cotton jersey. Shortly later that same year, they won the award for the “Best Textile Product” in the 2008 natural and organic awards.

All cotton used is free from the synthetic fertilisers, genetically modified seeds, insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides that feature in conventionally grown cotton. Instead, Beaumont Organic derives its clothes from untreated seeds and focuses on both building strong soil through crop rotation and controlling weeds through hand hoeing.


With two collections; Their core organic collection produced in Porto, Portugal, they work closely with their producers using only small, family run businesses guarded by strict EU regulations ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. Their second collection, the Hannah Beaumont range launched in 2014, is produced here in the UK, close to the Beaumont HQ in Stockport using a small local manufacturing facility.


Love what you hear and want to see the collection? Check it out online or visit us to feel its true beautiful softness in store.


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