Organic Living; Why is it not the norm?


Last week saw us bound for London for the day where it was thriving with fashionistas as it was the first day of London Fashion Week, enormous fur coats and skyscraper heels where abound! Our trip was not destined for fashion week, but we had a little extra free time amongst meetings to visit a few boutiques for inspiration and a delicious organic lunch from Whole Foods off Regent Street. If only we had taken an empty suitcase to fill with delicious organic food and cosmetic goodies!

Whilst browsing the cosmetics and food hall that where all free from chemicals, pesticides, harmful ingredients to our environment or us, organic, sugar free and mostly gluten free, we started to wonder about our own freedom.

wholefoods uk

The usual tirade of label checking became unnecessary; Unless we wanted to see why something tasted just so good with no naughty ingredients!  The products whether they where food, cosmetics, takeaway food or drink where all delicious & simple. The ingredients matched the title, no other added emulsifiers, dextrose corn syrups or things that we couldn’t read or understand. It was refreshingly beautiful to just eat something with raw, good ingredients but scary how unusual this is for us in everyday society.


The people making these products were all paid a fair wage and the environment didn’t suffer, why couldn’t we have supermarkets like this everywhere? On a recent trip to Amsterdam, the supermarkets there were much the same as whole foods, making this concept of classic, pesticide, emulsifier free food and drink the norm for anyone living there.

photo 2

It felt good discussing this over our organic take-away lunch and complimentary cup of coconut water that at AIRR, this is what you get with any product you pick up. You don’t have to check the label because you can rest assured we have already done it, we already know the environment didn’t suffer and that the worker who made the garment was paid a fair wage. The only thing left for you to do, as we were doing is look at all the beautiful products and pick what you like best and what you fall in love with.


After this we headed to the Institute for Contemporary Art for some stunning photography, by Viviane Sassen and divulged in an assortment of new book purchases from their brilliant bookshop, check out our book of the month feature later next week to see what we brought!

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