A Thoughtful Valentines…

A Thoughtful Valentines
A Thoughtful Valentines

This valentines at AIRR we are thoughtful. Thoughtful about the meaning of it all and thoughtful about how exactly it relates to us and the clothing industry? So here are some answers…

So the origins of valentines day seem a little bit hazy but, we do know that during the Middle Ages it was believed that birds paired couples in mid-February. This was then associated with the romance of St Valentine the Martyr & Valentine’s Day. Although all these legends may differ in ways, Valentine’s Day is widely recognised as a day for romance and devotion.

Romance and Devotion are in turn about kindness and gentility, doing things with respect and honour, recognising the need for that and honouring it. We do that for our lovers, for our loved ones, but so very little often for ourselves or for anyone we don’t immediately see.  Being ‘human kind’ is a phrase we hear a lot in the ethical fashion industry and recognising that our kindness ripples out all ways is essential to this.

What would the clothing industry look like if given real care in the truest sense of the word? We thing something like this:-


As well as all this, kindness to ourselves is often the last thing we think of, the last person we think of taking care of. In Yogic philosophy and meditation, attention is paid to the inner voice, the way we speak to ourselves. This is in turn related to self-compassion. In meditation when your mind starts to wander and you pull your attention back to the breath or back to the present moment, this should be done with self compassion, not, as is often the case, some sort of reprimand. What would the world look like if we all had this self-compassion, this love and care toward ourselves?

The thing we do know is that even though we need a day to be reminded of this, a little bit goes a long way, once put into action it gains momentum and spreads. On Valentines day this year, we therefore extend a heartfelt invitation to be ‘human Kind’ to ourselves and to others.

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