EKO – The basics behind the brand


EKO is one of many best selling brands at AIRR Clothing. There beautiful soft fabrics and flattering cuts are timeless pieces easy to wear for all types of occasions. So, here are the answers to: Who are EKO? Where are they from? What do they do?

To start; Their strong ethical ethos spell out their name, literally!

E is for EARTH – it’s where the journey starts and what we want to preserve

K is for KIND – to planet and people

O is for ORIGINALS – in design


“EKO was founded by fashion designer, Helen, who followed her dream to create her own Eco fashion label, which reflects her love of Cornwall, sculptural design and the natural environment. The result are beautifully designed and made, yet comfortable and affordable clothes for women”

Founded in 2009 by Helen who had set up in her parents’ garage, after leaving London where she worked as a commercial fashion designer.

“Since then EKO has grown to become an award winning ethical label, sold direct to consumers, independent retailers throughout the UK and worn as uniform in some of the best luxury eco spa retreats in Europe.

In 2011 EKO won a prestigious award for innovation by the Ethical Fashion Forum and best new brand at the Country Living Show.”

EKO was founded and run are the base elements of Organic Cotton and Tencel fabric. This is what makes the fabric so soft, and so safe to wear next to sensitive skin.

ethical-and-organic-cotton-fabric (1)

“Organic cotton is softer, more breathable and much less likely to trigger allergies and eczema since there are no harmful chemicals against your skin.   No poisonous pesticides are used in the growing of organic cotton so farmers can work in a much healthier environment and receive a better price for their crop.  Organic cotton uses much less water than is used to grow conventional or GM cotton, often using only rainfall to grow the plants.”

“Tencel- The botanical Eucalyptus fibre (Tencel) is grown responsibly in South Africa and spun into fibre by Lenzing in Austria in an environmentally award winning closed loop production plant by the European Union.   Tencel has unique natural qualities, being softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton, cooler than linen and an elegant drape, so compliments the EKO philosophy perfectly.”

The brand also compliments any wardrobe with its simplicity of style making it a basics favourite. Yoga teachers and students love to practice in it and pregnant customers like it because it stretches over their bumps and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. The dresses seem to be loved by professionals who wear them to work, they are such a lovely cut they work well for work but also provide comfort.

With their organic standards, ease of wear and lovely Cornish background these clothes seem to be at AIRR to stay!

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